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(AGENPARL) – Rome, 06 october 2021 -We have already talked about ArtCoin, the first stablecoin linked to the art world: classic, contemporary or modern works become the financial underlying of the digital currency in order to guarantee investors, art lovers and the cryptocurrency market a long-term capital gain period. Born only on July 13, 2021 and trading at $ 1, this coin surprised all analysts by reaching over 12 times its initial value in less than 2 months (today’s price is $ 12.65). This is certainly one of the reasons why, according to our sources, two famous exchanges are competing for the exclusive sale of what experts consider “the most interesting cryptocurrency of the moment.”

The Artcoin project, which marries technological advancement with artistic reality, already boasts a ceiling of works by famous artists all over the world (from Bansky to Colombotto Rosso passing through De Chirico and Lodola, to get to the most current TvBoy, Portioned and Mr Save the wall, just to name the latest artists who have publicly declared their entry into the ArtCoin family) avant-garde and emerging, for the value of over 100 million pieces.
ArtCoin has also made and is continuing to make important agreements with the major galleries in the world (right now a negotiation is being concluded with an important London art house, while rumors says that the draft agreement with an American gallery would have been signed a few days ago) and is one of the main sponsor of CANIFFF, the prestigious Canadian Fashion Film Festival, and is present on the UAE market thanks to an agreement with the ProAdvising group. Great goals for a new born!

Evolution and revolution, these are the keywords that characterize the new frontier in the world of cryptocurrencies with the advent of Artcoin, ready to be among the first digital coins in the most important world exchanges. We’ll see who will be the first to make the deal!

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