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Economic analysis confirms significant gains from EU-US industrial tariff agreement

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(AGENPARL) – Brussels, Belgium mar 19 febbraio 2019 United States | Brussels, 19 February 2019 Economic analysis confirms significant gains from EU-US industrial tariff agreement An economic analysis by the European Commission shows that a targeted EU-US agreement eliminating tariffs on industrial goods would increase EU exports to the US...
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Official Statistics: Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit quarterly statistics: data to June 2018

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(agenparl) – london mar 19 febbraio 2019 This publication provides quarterly statistics on claims paid under the IIDB scheme up to the end of March 2018. Find contact information and more about Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) statistics on the Statistics at DWP page. Fonte/Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/industrial-injuries-disablement-benefit-quarterly-statistics-data-to-june-2018
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3. Tagung zur Industrial IT Security

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(agenparl) – aachen ven 15 febbraio 2019 Die FH Aachen beschäftigt sich seit Jahren in Forschung und Lehre mit IT-Sicherheit und IT-Forensik. Neben technischen werden auch organisatorische Facetten untersucht. In den letzten Jahren hat die Bedeutung der IT-Sicherheit im industriellen Umfeld stark zugenommen. Die Verabschiedung eines IT-Sicherheitsgesetzes durch die Bundesregierung trägt...
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Företagens lager, 4:a kvartalet 2018

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(AGENPARL) , Stockholm (Sweden), ven 15 febbraio 2019 Svenska företags lager ökade med 2,5 miljarder kronor i fasta priser under fjärde kvartalet 2018. Ökningen motsvarar en uppgång med 0,5 procent i volym. Fonte/Source: http://www.scb.se/en/finding-statistics/statistics-by-subject-area/business-activities/industrial-inventories/industrial-inventories/pong/statistical-news/inventory-statistics-4th-quarter-2018-/
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Notice: UK and Japan second Industrial Policy Dialogue

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(AGENPARL) – London (united Kingdom), gio 14 febbraio 2019 The UK and Japanese governments held the second Industrial Policy Dialogue in London on 14 December 2018, focused on progress on the respective industrial strategies and a broad range of areas of collaboration. The UK-Japan Industrial Policy Dialogue (IPD) was launched...
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Multimillion pound biotechnology research investment for Manchester

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(AGENPARL) – Manchester (United Kingdom), mer 13 febbraio 2019 The University of Manchester has been awarded £10million to launch a UK-wide biomanufacturing research hub that could pave the way for easier and quicker ways to make new medicines and sustainable energy solutions. The Future Biomanufacturing Research Hub (FBRH), which will...
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Robotix-Academy: discovering industrial robotics at the University

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(AGENPARL) – Luxembourg, mer 13 febbraio 2019 Partager cet article : Publié le mercredi 13 février 2019 The fifth edition of the Robotix-Academy took place at the University of Luxembourg, on Kirchberg Campus, from 04 to 08 February 2019. This five-day training gathered 40 Master students, 4 professors and a...
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CNH Industrial announces senior appointment

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(AGENPARL) – Regno Unito, mar 12 febbraio 2019 CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI) today announced the appointment of Brad Crews as the Brand President of Case IH, effective March 4, 2019. Case IH is one of the Company’s global agricultural brands.   Brad Crews rejoins CNH Industrial...
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Ministro Pérez-Reyes: Expectativas de ventas del sector industrial mejoraron en el último trimestre del 2018

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(AGENPARL) – Lima (Perù), lun 11 febbraio 2019 De acuerdo con el reporte, el 89.3% de las empresas industriales prevé aumentar sus ventas en los próximos tres meses Resultado, que se ha visto reflejado en el PBI industrial, fue alentado por mejoras en las expectativas de inversión en minería y...

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