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New podcast: My Future Dream Job

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(AGENPARL) – ENSCHEDE (NL) gio 23 giugno 2022

The University of Twente is launching a new series of podcasts. In the series ‘My Future Dream Job’ host Anic van Damme steps into her time machine to the year 2030. There, she discovers which professions are important and will have an impact.

In this podcast series, UT scientists look to the future of their field. Think about cybersecurity, climate adaptation and energy transition. They outline which professions will be essential in the future. Jobs that we do not even know exist. Jobs for which the UT is already hard at work preparing young talent.

Episode 1: The Human-Machine Interaction Expert 

Starting this series from the Human Resource Management Department, professor Tanya Bondarouk explains what role Artificial Intelligence will play in HR in the year 2030. In the future HR-team that Bondarouk is composing, we need an expert between people management and IT. This team is accommodating both humans and social robots. 
Being a Human-Machine Interaction Expert, how do you deal with challenges like ethics? How will you contribute to keeping the human angle a top priority with the upcoming hunger for data? When it comes to assessing employees, professor Mark van der Meijde and educational advisor Anne Muller describe how they are working on an innovative HR tool that ensures that impact will be equally rewarded as research. 

Episode 2: The Hypothesis Extractor

How can scientists and citizens together take research to the next level? One of the pioneers in Citizen Science, Gaston Remmers, looks at data obtained by ordinary people as a major catalyst for a brand new approach to the innovation of healthcare. 
Data from patients as a starting point to build your hypothesis on, can lead to discoveries that are so profound that it will change entire conceptions of disease. That’s why in the year 2030 Remmers says that we need a person to analyze and interpret this data. What knowledge should you have and what are the challenges in this future profession?  
In the TOPFIT Citizenlab at the University of Twente, researcher Ria Wolkorte is developing this new type of research. She works together with co-researchers experiencing rheumatoid arthritis. How can a Hypothesis Extractor contribute to this innovative approach? 

Episode 3: The Competence Broker

How can a profession like teaching, which is as old as humanity, reinvent itself in the future? 
Koen de Pryck, head of the Center of Expertise in Learning and Teaching outlines the innovation of education for the year 2030. Challenged-Based Learning is one of the pillars shaping the future education. Where a teacher and even a university itself will become a Competence Broker, always on the lookout to add value to contribute to the learning process. De Pryck explains how wicked problems must be tackled with multidisciplinary teams. 
University of Twente’s Teacher of the Year award winner, Anne Leferink implements this concept in her courses and describes what needs to be sorted out in the years to come to fully benefit from Challenge-Based Learning.  

Episode 4: The Data Security Detangler

Jaya Balloo is one of the most influential people in the field of cybersecurity.  She explains how the skein of digital infrastructure combined with the never-ending overload of data lead  to a network where cyber threats are a vast reality. 
Balloo, who was recently appointed honorary doctor at the Dies Natalis of the UT, lays out that there is a need for a specialist to disentangle this mess in order to minimize the time between detection and response of vulnerabilities. The demand for this profession will have increased dramatically by the year 2030. Often attackers use social engineering to gain entrance to our most valuable data. Researcher Jan-Willem Bullee explains what tactics attackers use and how we can train our own information awareness.

Fonte/Source: https://www.utwente.nl/en/news/2022/6/683593/new-podcast-my-future-dream-job

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