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Social media privacy is in the hands of a few friends

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(agenparl) – adelaide lun 21 gennaio 2019 Tuesday, 22 January 2019New research has revealed that people’s behaviour is predictable from the social media data of as few as eight or nine of their friends.Published today in the journal Nature Human Behaviour, a study from the University of Adelaide in Australia...
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Two men who shot and stabbed innocent bystander in Enfield jailed

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(AGENPARL) – London ven 11 gennaio 2019 Two men have sentenced to 29 years in jail for the murder of 23-year-old, Russell Jordan Jones who was shot and stabbing in Enfield.Bilkan Bilkaner, .03.98), of Dartford Avenue, Enfield and Duke Quainoo, .10.97), of Holbrook Close, Enfield were found guilty of murder,...
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New Year Address to the Nation

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(AGENPARL) – Kremlin, lun 31 dicembre 2018 President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Citizens of Russia, friends,A new year, year 2019, is right around the corner. Behind us is the busy month of December, when we rushed to complete all our urgent tasks, finalised our plans for the future, and of course, got ready for New Year celebrations. Filled with excitement and hope, we...

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