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ACM Telecom Monitor: mobile-data consumption more than doubled

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(AGENPARL) – The Hague, The Netherlands, mar 12 febbraio 2019 The average data consumption per mobile connection has risen from almost 1 gigabyte per month in 2017 to over 2 gigabytes per month in the first half of 2018. This is one of the conclusions of the Netherlands Authority for...
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Consultation outcome: Reducing crime at sites handling waste, and introducing fixed penalties for waste duty of care

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(AGENPARL) – London mer 06 febbraio 2019 Updated: Updated the government response as a decision on the penalty levels in Wales has been made. In Wales, the legislation will set the penalty amount at £300. It will also provide enforcement authorities with the discretion to offer a discounted early payment...
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Interest rate of the fifth interest payment for Silver Bond Series due 2019

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(AGENPARL) – Hong Kong, gio 24 gennaio 2019 Interest rate of the fifth interest payment for Silver Bond Series due 2019 *************************************************************************** The following is issued on behalf of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority:      The Hong Kong Monetary Authority, as representative of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region...
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Contracts For Jan. 16, 2019

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(AGENPARL) – Washington (DC), mer 16 gennaio 2019 ARMY Caddell Construction Co. (DE) LLC., Montgomery, Alabama, was awarded a $143,514,000 firm-fixed-price contract for the construction of an airmen training complex dormitory, a dining and classroom facility, supporting facilities, a free standing equipment building, a weapons cleaning...

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