(AGENPARL) – mar 19 ottobre 2021 Destination: Beijing 2022
The Olympic flame is on the road to Beijing 2022
The Olympic flame has been lit in Ancient Olympia and is now on its way to Beijing for the Olympic Winter Games 2022 taking place between 4 and 20 February.
Torches are full of symbolism and the torch for Beijing 2022 – named ‘Flying’ (飞扬 Fei Yang) – is no exception! Can you guess what inspired the design?
Get closer to the lighting ceremony
Did you know that the flame was lit by a high priestess at the Temple of Hera in Ancient Olympia using the sun’s rays and a parabolic mirror? We take you through the flame lighting ceremony for Beijing 2022.
Olympic torches through time
There have been many iconic Winter Olympic torches between the first one at Oslo 1952 and PyeongChang 2018 – but which one is your all-time favourite?
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