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(AGENPARL) – AUSTRALIA, mar 15 dicembre 2020

Petty Officer Electronics Technician Bobbie Ashman is on a mission to bust the stigma surrounding mental health that stops many men from seeking help when they need it most.

The Senior Close-In-Weapons System Instructor based at Navy Training Systems in Randwick, NSW said he has seen the toll poor mental health can take on sufferers.

“The stigma men face in regards to mental health is something I have personally witnessed as people close to me have struggled,” Petty Officer Ashman said.

“I believe the influence from positive examples of men having the courage to speak up, and walk the journey together creates benefits that transfer across all areas and people in our lives.

“It’s ok to seek help from a physio when you’ve sustained an injury at the gym and mental health is no different, when our mental health is suffering we should get help to get better.”

In addition to being a champion for men’s mental health, Petty Officer Ashman is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusiveness within the Navy.

Joining the service fresh out of high school, Petty Officer Ashman enjoys working with a diverse range of people and understanding the strength that diversity and inclusivity brings to an organisation.

“Gaining insight into the perspectives, methodologies and knowledge of a broad range of people has given me an edge in the way I work, manage people and ultimately approach everything I do,” Petty Officer Ashman said.

“Good leadership and achieving equality align together in helping lift everyone up which in turn has a significant impact towards building a productive team and happy workplace.”


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