(AGENPARL) – Roma, 09 september 2021 –

On programmers and master valves
 As mentioned in the second time, space and space evolution, that is,
 the state of blending of space and time, which is neither time nor
 space, but also time and space. The program is relative to
 programmers. The time and space perceived by the factors in the game
 are real. On the contrary, our world perceived by higher dimensions is
 also a virtual game world, which in turn goes back to the eleventh
 dimension or Some people say that there are more than twenty
 dimensions. For each higher dimension, there is a sub-valve to control
 the downstream valve, and each valve is controlled by a player. In the
 chief designer, everything is virtual programming. Above us and below
 the chief designer, several dimensions are mutual entities and mutual
 virtual mirror images. In short, the higher the dimensionality, the
 more complex the blending and mixing of space and time (not time and
 space, but also time and space), or it is mixed with more quantitative
 patterns, that is, the first time outside of time and space. Three
 "interphase" and the fourth "interphase". Regarding the third
 "interphase" and the fourth "interphase", it is difficult to observe
 in three-dimensional time and space because they are all in a
 thin-film "urn." Up to the total player of the total valve, also known
 as the chief designer, everything downstream is the externalization of
 his certain idea or countless independent ideas. There, there is no
 time and space, and there is no fixed "interphase" to define there
>> anymore, because that is the end of everything and the origin of
>> everything, which may be a cyclical process.
>> Perhaps in the main valve, it is the existence mode of super
>> "carrier", or there is no need for a carrier, or it can exist with the
>> help of any "carrier".
>> However, various so-called valves can also be cracked and even
>> traveled to higher modes. Explain in a popular way with practical
>> examples, remember that a thorough comprehension is the beginning of
>> termination! Quantum thinking may be the closest dynamic key to
>> completely cracking the source code of this three-dimensional
>> universe. In other words, once cracked, the game will naturally end!
>> How did robots finally have artificial intelligence? The path they
>> went through was nothing more than carrier switching! Carrier upgrade!
>> Carrier compatible! Perhaps, the scary thing is that quantum thinking
>> has approached the boundary of this virtual game of three-dimensional
>> space-time, and may even skip the critical point of the existence of
>> the three-dimensional space-time carrier. So as to evolve into a
>> high-dimensional carrier.