(AGENPARL) – mar 14 settembre 2021 Get your mulch!
Join us for Mulch Mayhem (fall edition) and get up to 1 yard of free mulch.
Trucks and trailers, drive-through only. Bring your own tarp to cover your mulch to keep it from blowing away. Registration required.
[Get Tickets Here](https://t.updates.cityofsacramento.org/r/?id=h291417b,29480da,2978ee6)
Water Wise Tips
Placing mulch around shrubs, garden plants and trees can help reduce evaporation, inhibit weed growth, moderate soil temperature, and prevent erosion. Mulch allows soil to retain water, which means you can water less frequently.
Contact us at
https://t.updates.cityofsacramento.org/r/?id=h291417b,29480da,297921a https://t.updates.cityofsacramento.org/r/?id=h291417b,29480da,297921b https://t.updates.cityofsacramento.org/r/?id=h291417b,29480da,297921c https://t.updates.cityofsacramento.org/r/?id=h291417b,29480da,297921d