(AGENPARL) – mer 22 settembre 2021 Page
A Directive to
Manitoba Hydro Electric Board
Manitoba Hydro’s General Rate Application
Issued by: Honourable Minister
Jeff Wharton
Effective: ________________
Crown Corporations Governance and Accountability Act
provides for the issuing of
directives to one or more Crown corporations as follows:
he minister may
with the approval of the Lieutenant Governor
in Council
issue a directive to a corporation
respecting matters of policy;
requiring the corporation to conduct an organizational review
as specified in the directive;
2) requiring the corporati
on to do something in accordance with
its approved annual business plan or prohibiting it from doing
anything inconsistent with that plan;
to ensure that practices of two or more corporations are
consistent; or
to ensure that two or more corporatio
ns act in concert with each
other or with government departments or agencies when doing
so will further efficiency and effectiveness.
This directive provides instruction to Manitoba Hydro
on the requirements and
parameters for submission of an interim rate application to The Public Utilities Board for
2021/22, and
that Government supports multi
year general rate
applications for greater efficiency and cost savings.
This directive applies to Manitoba Hydro’s 2021/22 interim rate application and future
general rate applications to The Public Utilities Board.
Manitoba Hydro is directed to take all steps necessary to proceed with
submission of an interim rate application to The Public Utilities Board (or othe
application as determined by
The Public Utilities Board); and
Manitoba Hydro is directed to engage with
he Public Utilities Board on
submitting multi
year general rate appl
Crown Corporations Governance
and Accountability Act
year approvals
A corporation may submit for the
approval of The Public Utilities Board
pursuant to this Part proposals regarding rates for services relating to a period of
not more than three years and the Board shall identify in its order the change
approved, if any, with respect to each year.