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September 24, 2021
In partnership with the Manitoba government, the Manitoba150 Host Committee will complete a legacy project that will populate the empty alcoves located in the Manitoba Legislative Building with unique sculptures that portray Manitoba’s natural provincial emblems, designed and produced by local Manitoba artists, Premier Kelvin Goertzen announced today.
“The Manitoba Legislative Building is one of the most incredible pieces of architecture in our country, showcasing many artifacts and monuments that help to tell our province’s unique story,” said Goertzen. “As the formal celebrations of our province’s sesquicentennial come to a close, these sculptures will help to continue to share our province’s history and serve as a legacy to mark this significant milestone in Manitoba.”
“On behalf of the Manitoba150 Host Committee, it is an honour to contribute to both the cultural and historical legacy of the Manitoba Legislative Building, with the installation of eight sculptures in the alcoves, which have sat empty for 101 years,” said Monique LaCoste and Stuart Murray, co-chairs, Manitoba150 Host Committee. “We are genuinely thankful to Premier Goertzen and Minister Cox for their endorsement of this Manitoba150 legacy project.”
There are 12 empty alcoves in the Manitoba Legislative Building, which are located on the northern balcony of second and third level and in the central walkway between the Rotunda and the Grand Staircase. These alcoves were originally designed to house pieces of art when the building was completed in 1920, but this vision never became a reality.
Brunet Monuments, a local Manitoba company, was selected via a tender process by the Manitoba150 Host Committee, to manage the creation of sculptures of Manitoba’s provincial emblems, which are being created by local Manitoba artists. The eight pieces of art that will be installed in the second floor alcoves include:
• Great Grey Owl,
• Prairie Crocus,
• White Spruce,
• Newdale soil with Big Bluestem Grass,
• North American Plains Bison,
• Pickerel,
• Mosasaur, and
• Polar Bear.
The first art piece, the Great Grey Owl, was unveiled at the Manitoba Legislative Building this afternoon with the remaining statues to be installed throughout the fall. Details on what will fill the alcoves the third floor of the building will be announced later this fall, the premier noted.
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