(AGENPARL) – LONDON (UNITED KINGDOM), mar 15 giugno 2021

Dalton Trans., 2021, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/D1DT01599K, Paper
Open Access Open Access
Francesco Caddeo, Vanesa Fernández-Moreira, Massimiliano Arca, Anna Pintus, Antonio Laguna, Vito Lippolis, Maria Concepcion Gimeno
The coordination modes of the ligand 2,5,8-trithia[9](2,6)pyridinophane (L) to thallium(I), gold(III) and gold(I) have been studied. Thallium(I) is coordinated by the macrocyclic ligand in [Tl(L)](PF6) (1) through all the sulfur…
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