(AGENPARL) – Roma, 24 aprile 2021 – Agenparl interviewed Ali Al-Tekbali, libyan geological consultant, educator, and now MP and member of the Defense and National Security Committee in the House of Representatives (HOR).

“We have seen politicians، opportunists and adventurers come and go since the topple of Gaddafi. Unfortunately, many of these did not understand what the Libyan people want. They mostly pushed for a shellfish solution, based on the Islamist thought and militants disorder, mainly because they open their offices and houses for these, while they never talk to the ordinary men and women who form the majority of the population.
Everyone understands that countries have interests and markets which they have to maintain, especially in developing countries where economic and industrial planning is not efficient.
Saying this must make you sit back and realise that Libyans are not eager to kick out Westerners or dispose of them.
Now let me comment on those who talk about the dignity and reconciliations, which both vanished from the Libyan society. How would anyone expect a deprived and hungry women and men who stand for hours in front of a bank to get money that is initially theirs, under the rule of cruel militias, and burning sun to be dignified? Probably those who linked dignity to successful solution are right, but let me remind you of the structure of the Libyan society; they smile, hug and kiss but never forget.
Sarraj’s ill management to make them kneel dowon coupled with Islamist and militias manipulations will never be forgotten (if you want to talk about dignity).
Then comes someone to talk lightly about reconciliation. Let me point out that this cannot happen now. I have been talking with families who lost their sons, not in battle, but in shooting based on identity. Does anyone think that these people, or those who were forced to flee, or those who lost their homes and lands, or even those who encountered savage militias in the streets and were insulted or stripped off their car, or were mugged can forgive each other because the United Nation says so?
Again, how would a Libyan be dignified when he sees all kinds of foreigners step upon his space, ignoring his will for having a peaceful territory!
The rolling over and simplifying of election process through hounding people and officials and insisting on such a short period only leads to more chios; if not in organisation, it will be on the account of honesty. They took 10 years to dismantle the country and now they want to rebuild it in 10 months. Imagine a militia leader ordering his militia to vote for a certain candidate. What will happen then? still we did not consider the change of ethics, which Libyans are going through now, and their crucial need for everything, plus the wide disbelieve in western democracy.
The same with the floppy constitution that was refused by the HoR then passed under pressure. the feeling out there that it has been manipulated by the Islamists, and that it does not satisfy the Libyan needs Elections and constitutions are practiced in times of peace and tranquillity.
The talk about Seif Giddafi and his popularity is fake. Seif was their during his father’s era, but he did not do anything meaningful. In fact he ruined the scene and gathered a gang of users around him. It is true that the ill management of successive officials, and the behaviour of the militia have deterred many, Libyans from gathering around the “Revolution” but the mood is still: “We do not want another Gaddafi reign”.
Mr Erdogan falsely designated him as the modern Khaliph of the Muslims and he lives in a country where Islam is barely practiced. He surely does not mean the real sense of it, but enjoyed the role of the Sultan. The Islamists also enjoyed the protection and sanctuary given to them by Tukey. Both however understand, that their rile in the play os short–lived and it is dependable on the wish of America and Russia. Enjoying the liquidity of the Muslim thieves and ignoring the new financial rules are reins on the back of Sultan Erdogan. He sometimes believes himself and declares earnestly that he will never leave Libya. I do not know if he realises that there are some Europeans who still want him out of Istanbul. Turkey, under encouragement from America inflated itself above Europe and showed great arrogance in the matter of the Western Mediterranean. It got nothing but distrust. In fact, at times she even looked down at Russia,and warned the States of joining China. Soon she will witness its failure.
The resolutions of the UN do not carry credibility simply because they depend on international envoys. For the above-mentioned reason the Secretary Generak and many Security Council countries get eluded. When the Council of Experts said we will declare our investigation abut the bribery in the Libyan dialogue, the UN envoy said this is not part of the process and he would not wait, at least, to distinguish himself out.
Resolutions come true if there are some country pushing, otherwise they remain in files like many other resolutions”.