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L’Ancri celebrates the Festa del Tricolore with a Concert of the Police Band in the Chamber of Deputies

(AGENPARL) – Rome, 12 Jan 2019 – This year celebrating the “Festa del Tricolore” took the field the National Association awarded the Order of Merit of the Republic, long committed to promoting the decorum of Tricolore with two projects “A journey through the values ​​and symbols of the Republic” and “Decoro del Tricolore”.

The national president dell’ANCRI Tommaso Bove has engaged all Italian and foreign territorial structures to celebrate the birthday of our flag.

In Rome, Prefect Francesco Tagliente, as a delegate to institutional relations, organized a celebratory event in the Chamber of Deputies, as part of the “Open-door Montecitorio” event

At 12 noon tomorrow, January 13, the Band of the State Police directed by Maestro Maurizio Billi, with the participation of tenor Francesco Grollo, will perform a celebratory concert of the Tricolore

Presenting the pieces and “unveiling” the national anthem Tagliente called a great historian of the Risorgimento, Michele D’Andrea, who dedicated much of his activity to making the symbols of the Republic known in the correct light, explaining with simple words rich in content the characteristics of our flag and our hymn and the reasons that make it a unique page, deeply linked to our history.

The celebration in the capital is part of the broader project of ANCI president Tommaso Bove to celebrate the Birthday of the Tricolor with the involvement of all the territorial structures.

In Valencia, the ANCRI delegation from Spain, today celebrated the feast of our Tricolor at the local Consulate of Italy. Other speakers included Consul Adriano Carbone, delegate of Spain Riccardo Lafuenti and Colonel Francesco Caldarola representing the Italian military contingent in service at the NATO RAPID DEDPLOYABLE CORPS-SPAIN command in Valencia and numerous other city authorities and Italian residents in Spain .

In Pisa, the regional delegate ANCRI for Tuscany, Antonio Cerrai, on January 9th, organized a moment of shared reflection with the Rotary clubs of Tuscany on the meaning of cohesion that the Tricolor has for the country.

In Messina, the ANCRI territorial section, on January 7th, promoted a conference in the Hall of the City’s Flags with interesting reports by Prof. Luigi D’Andrea on “Il Tricolore: Symbol of the Unity of the Republic”, by Prof. Corrado Savasta on “Reading of the Emblem: The star, the toothed wheel, the branches of the olive tree and of oak”

In Foggia, on the same day, the local territorial section ANCRI promoted a thematic event at the “Giovanni Bovio” school where the president of the ANCRI Section Aurelio Vieri spoke about the historical evolution of the Italian flag. Following the lawyer Luigi Miranda spoke about the meaning of the National Flag Day.

In San Giovanni Rotondo, the same January 7, the local territorial section ANCRI promoted a similar initiative, at the “Pascoli-Forgione” Comprehensive Institute, speaking of the “History of the Italian Flag”

In Catania, the president of the territorial section Giuseppe Adernò, on the same morning of the 7th, organized an event at the Istituto Comprensivo Statale “San Giovanni Bosco” for a common reflection on the value of the Tricolor.

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