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(AGENPARL) – WORLD WIDE, gio 14 gennaio 2021

Job Posting: Senior Cryptanalyst – Public Key Cryptography

Technology Innovation Institute (TII) – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Cryptography Research Centre

In our connected digital world, secure and reliable cryptography is the foundation of digital information security and data integrity. We address the world’s most pressing cryptographic questions. Our work covers post-quantum cryptography, lightweight cryptography, cloud encryption schemes, secure protocols, quantum cryptographic technologies and cryptanalysis.

As a Cryptanalyst – Public Key Cryptography, you will:

  • Analyze, evaluate and target any weaknesses security systems which range from single asymmetric crypto-primitives to entire protocols, from classical to post-quantum schemes.
  • Conduct research, with particular focus on how to use automated tools such as algebraic and constraint solvers and machine learning to perform theoretical and practical cryptanalysis of asymmetric schemes.
  • Develop mathematical and statistical models to analyze and solve security data problems.
  • Collaborate with skillful software, hardware, and telecommunication engineers.
  • Work with latest software and test your code on state-of-the-art High-Performance Devices.
  • Attend personalized in-house trainings with top cryptographers and international conferences and workshops.
  • Enjoy all the cultural, educational and travel opportunities Abu Dhabi offers

    – Your personal dream could be the world’s reality –

    To bring your dream to life, you’ll need some of the followings:

  • PhD degree in Cryptography, Applied Cryptography, Information Theory and Mathematics, Computer Science or any relevant Engineering degree.
  • Extensive experience in theoretical and practical cryptanalysis
  • Valuable publications in the field of cryptanalysis
  • Extensive knowledge of side-channel attacks.
  • Deep understanding of various hardware security vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Extensive experience developing in various programming languages.
  • A passion for solving complex puzzles

    Duration: Permanent position

    Closing date for applications:


    Mehdi Messaoudi

    Talent Acquisition Manager

    More information:

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