(AGENPARL) – LUXEMBOURG, ven 18 giugno 2021

Prof. Domenico Bianculli, a chief scientist specialising in software engineering at SnT, has been working with financial regulator CSSF on introducing AI to their processes. Based within the Software Verficiation and Validation research group (SVV), Prof. Bianculli and his team have been helping CSSF to automate their compliance checks on financial documents.

In an article with Paperjam, Prof. Bianculli details how AI has changed the finance industry, including some of the more common implementations. He also discusses some of the complications that can arise from introducing AI, as well as what factors need to be prioritised when a tailor-made artificial intelligence is being created.

The full article can be found here.

Fonte/Source: https://wwwfr.uni.lu/index.php/snt/news_events/how_artificial_intelligence_is_shaping_the_future_of_finance