(AGENPARL) – THE HAGUE (THE NETHERLANDS), mer 16 giugno 2021 FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Growth in Germany’s battery sector doubled to 35% last year led by demand for lithium-ion batteries for electric cars, data showed on Wednesday.
“Sales especially of lithium-ion batteries have grown enormously,” said Christian Eckert from electronic industry ZVEI, in a call with reporters.
Turnover in the overall battery market in 2020 stood at 5.9 billion euros ($1.09 billion), with the lithium-ion segment seeing growth of 63% to 3 billion euros.
Lithium-ion batteries are also used in medical equipment, smartphones, power tools and electric bikes.
ZVEI said that most lithium-ion cells were imported from Asia into Germany. In German they are then turned into final battery products in a comprehensive production chain. Apart form domestic uses, they are also reexported to European and international markets.

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