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The government recognises the challenges communications network providers face in deploying digital infrastructure and has created the Barrier Busting Task Force (BBTF) to work with industry, Local Authorities and landowners to identify and remove barriers to deployment, including changes to the law.

This section provides guidance for providers on working collaboratively with Local Authorities, land owners, and property developers, and adopting best practice within the current legal framework.

Working with Local Authorities

This section contains practical advice for working with Local Authorities, including identifying a single point of contact, early engagement, and opportunities to communicate the benefits of enhanced connectivity.

Working with property developers

Network providers and developers need to work together, share information early and establish best practice principles to deliver high quality connectivity consumers need. Early engagement, coordinated planning and good communication can enable smoother deployment.

Legislation and regulation

Operators are encouraged to understand how the new Electronic Communications Code (the ‘Code’) affects their deployment; and to take note of the guidance and code of practice developed by Ofcom.


Operators are encouraged to cooperate with local authorities and developers in accordance with best practices around access agreements and street works.

Outside In Broadband Scheme – Market Engagement

Executive Summary

BDUK is seeking views from operators of wholesale broadband networks and supply chain partners regarding the proposed procurement approach for the Outside In programme. The deadline for submitting your completed RFI questionnaire has now closed.

About the Outside In Programme

The government wants to speed up the roll out of gigabit-capable broadband in rural areas and wants the UK to be a world leader in 5G, with the majority of the population covered by a 5G signal by 2025. The Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review outlined a package of measures to create the right market and policy conditions to deliver world-class connectivity for citizens and businesses.

In order to meet this policy, DCMS will be targeting its market intervention in the areas of the UK which are least likely to attract commercial investment for gigabit-capable infrastructure, referred to as the Final 20% (f20). With a clear policy objective and funding identified, we have started developing the procurement approach for the State aid funding for gigabit-capable infrastructure to f20 premises in the UK – the Outside In programme.

The proposed approach builds on lessons learnt from the Superfast programme and includes a number of measures to maximise competition, promote open access networks, and encourage long term competition and value for money on the network.

Market Engagement

BDUK is holding a series of market engagement events about the developing procurement strategy for this programme. At the market engagement event held on 3 February, BDUK outlined the current thinking around the following areas:

  • Overview of the procurement approach
  • Introduction of the proposed route to market via a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)
  • High level key contractual terms
  • Proposed payment and pricing mechanism
  • Contract release principles and potential release scenarios
  • Proposed operating model and the roles of various stakeholders, including local authorities

Another market engagement event was held on 23 June. Slide decks from the February and June events can be downloaded here:

Request for Information (RFI)

The aim of this RFI was to obtain feedback from potential bidders about particular aspects of the proposed approach. The feedback collected will help inform the design of our procurement strategy for this programme. Please note that this has now closed.

Future engagement events

The next market engagement event will be communicated in due course.

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