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(AGENPARL) -NEWPORT (UK), ven 15 gennaio 2021

Why we are offering this service

  • at the end of the transition period, newly created comparable trade marks and re-registered designs featured the representative name and address recorded at the EUIPO. This means many of them have an EEA-based representative address
  • owners and their representatives do not need to do anything as existing EEA addresses can remain for 3 years

Options to change address for service

  • if you wish to act early to change representative details for comparable trade marks and re-registered designs to a UK address for service, you have a number of options as outlined in the following paragraphs. Depending on your circumstances you may use a combination of options.

Option 1: Global Update

This option is suitable where a representative is changing all the designs and/or trade marks they already represent at a single EEA address to a single UK address:

  • we require a single form TM33 for trade marks or a single form DF1A for designs, including a signature to authorise the change
  • the form must state “all marks” or “all designs”. We do not require a list of the cases to be updated.
  • email the completed form directly to: <a
  • include the words ‘Global Update’ in the email subject line
  • every case under the existing Representative ID will be updated to the UK address

Option 2: Bulk Representative Update (temporary service)

This option can be used to update at least 50 cases where you wish to apply a single UK address for service for:

Some, or all, of the comparable trade marks or re-registered designs that currently have another representative’s EEA address for service.


some, but not all, of the comparable trade marks or re-registered designs that you currently represent at an EEA address.

  • if you haven’t already done so, register your interest by emailing <a providing: the name of your business; the name, email address and telephone number for a contact person in your business; and an estimate of the number of rights you seek to update
  • we will provide by email a spreadsheet template for you to complete
  • complete the spreadsheet template with details of at least 50 rights and submit this by email with a completed single TM33 or DF1A form to <a
  • all cases on a single spreadsheet must be moving from one single representative ID to another. You must provide the current EUIPO representative ID
  • we accept multiple owners on one request, but require separate spreadsheets for trade marks and designs
  • the service will be available until 31 March 2021
  • for fewer than 50 updates use option 3

Option 3: Standard Filing of DF1A/TM33 Forms

Use this option to change the representative address for multiple comparable trade marks and re-registered designs when neither of the above options are suitable.

  • email your TM33 or DF1A with a list of cases to be updated to <a
  • this can include International marks or designs


If you have any questions regarding this notice, please email <a

Published 15 January 2021


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