(AGENPARL) – sab 31 luglio 2021 Who will be Bolt’s successor? Plus, five swimming medals on offer and finals in high jump, tennis and more!
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Day 9
Day 9
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Men’s 100m final showdown, last day of swimming
Athletics events come thick and fast with high jump, shot put and triple jump joining men’s 100m finals, five swimming medals, artistic gymnastics apparatus finals, men’s golf final round, tennis and sailing.
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Athletes to Watch
https://click.communication.olympicchannel.com/?qs=118cde7a276d01010baee0520d63e1a9cba845810ddf624ecef31519c88454d0fdc75bd4426d29cc765ff114d42ff092767a753e90b5677e https://click.communication.olympicchannel.com/?qs=118cde7a276d01010baee0520d63e1a9cba845810ddf624ecef31519c88454d0fdc75bd4426d29cc765ff114d42ff092767a753e90b5677e
MATSUYAMA first Japanese to win golf major in 2nd
Masters winner Matsuyama Hideki is in second place going into the final round of the men’s golf tournament at Tokyo 2020. Schauffele leads with Casey, Ortiz, Munoz and McIlroy in the chasing pack.
Whitlock aims to make more Brit gymnastics history
Max Whitlock heads into the pommel horse final hoping to be the first British gymnast to defend an Olympic title but Ireland’s Rhys McClenaghan and China’s SUN Wei will have their say.
https://click.communication.olympicchannel.com/?qs=118cde7a276d0101a9d68cb933834ae052465dccbbff3045eaecb1838c03d91377b4ad65de7fa6f749d3fa3058feb709c11647def9aba26b https://click.communication.olympicchannel.com/?qs=118cde7a276d0101a9d68cb933834ae052465dccbbff3045eaecb1838c03d91377b4ad65de7fa6f749d3fa3058feb709c11647def9aba26b
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Spotlight on Korea: the finger heart comes from the world of K-Pop. Learn how to make your own…
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New event new world record for Brit mixed medley
The British quartet of Kathleen Dawson, Adam Peaty, James Guy and Anna Hopkin clocked 3:37.58 to shave 0.83 seconds off the previous world best and beating nearest rivals China by 1.28 seconds.
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