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Consultation outcome: Call for evidence on sustainable high-quality journalism in the UK

(AGENPARL) – London mar 12 febbraio 2019

Updated: Added summary and all submissions to call for evidence.

The Cairncross review, under the chairmanship of Dame Frances Cairncross and with the support of an expert panel, is looking at how to sustain the production and distribution of high-quality journalism in a changing market. The review is focused on investigating:

  • The overall state of the news media market
  • Threats to financial sustainability
  • The role and impact of digital search engines and social media platforms
  • How content and data flows are operated and managed
  • The role of digital advertising

The review will pay particular attention to the press. The press plays a critical role in the provision of high-quality journalism in the UK, ensuring that the public has access to a diverse range of views and opinions and supporting democratic engagement. The local and regional press, in particular, have a core social importance in highlighting and addressing local issues, bringing communities together, and holding local government and other public service providers to account.

The review will give equal weight to the needs of consumers and the industry. Read the Terms of Reference for the review.

The review invites any interested organisation or individual to submit written evidence.

Responses will be published in full or summary form unless explicitly flagged ‘not for publication’, in which case they will be kept private.

Further information

In January 2018, DCMS commissioned a piece of academic research to look specifically at the changing state of the press market. This research, produced by Mediatique and available below, provides an evidence base which informs the work of the Cairncross Review, giving invaluable evidence and insight into the market, the new business models being deployed by news publishers, and trends in media provision and distribution.


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