(AGENPARL) – ven 02 luglio 2021 News Release Issued: Jul 2, 2021 (6:30am CDT)
CME Group Reports Q2 and June 2021 Monthly Market Statistics
Q2 2021 highlights across asset classes compared to Q2 2020 include:
– Overall ADV increased 5%
– Interest rate futures and options volume rose by 25%, including:
– Record SOFR futures ADV of 118K, an increase of more than 200%
– Interest rate options volume grew by 19%
– Record Bitcoin futures and options ADV of 26,575 contracts, as well as record Ether futures ADV of 3,740 contracts
– Agricultural futures and options volume increased 24%, including record volume from outside the United States
– Agricultural ADV from EMEA was up 35% while ADV from Asia rose by 67%
– Agricultural options ADV jumped by 76%
– Corn options ADV increased 116% and Soybean Oil options grew by 174%
– Options ADV grew 13% to 3.1M
– Metals volume rose by 9%, including a record 4.3K ADV in copper options
– Foreign exchange volumes grew by 6%
– International volumes increased 5% in EMEA and 8% in Asia
– Record BrokerTec EU Repo average daily notional volume (ADNV) of €301.0B and BrokerTec Quote ADNV of $5.3B
– Record quarterly EBS Institutional ADNV of $4.9B
June 2021 ADV across asset classes includes:
Additional June product highlights compared to June 2020 include:
– Overall ADV increased 7%
– Interest rate futures and options grew by 48%, driven by:
– Record SOFR futures and options ADV of 127K, an increase of more than 200%
– Interest rate options volume rose by 55% in June
– Options ADV increased 30%
– Agricultural futures and options ADV rose by 12%, including 59% growth in options
– Metals futures and options volumes increased 8%, reflecting 16% growth in options
– Energy futures and options grew 3%
– International volumes increased 8% in EMEA and 11% in Asia
– Micro E-mini futures and options represented 33.2% of overall Equity Index ADV and Micro Bitcoin futures accounted for 0.5% of overall Equity Index ADV during June 2021
– BrokerTec US Repo ADNV increased 8% and European Repo ADNV grew by 5%
– Record EBS Institutional monthly average daily notional volume (ADNV) of $6.5B
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