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Today in History – February 20

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(AGENPARL) – Washington (DC), mer 20 febbraio 2019 Comic actor Joseph Jefferson, one of the best-known American stage personalities of the nineteenth century, died in Palm Beach in 1905. Born into a family of actors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on February 20, 1829, Jefferson achieved one of his first major successes...
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CfP: Le Luxembourg et la «Grande Région» au sortir de la Grande Guerre

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(AGENPARL) – Luxembourg, mer 20 febbraio 2019 Partager cet article : Publié le mercredi 20 février 2019 Appel à contributions pour un colloque scientifique international organisé du 17 au 19 octobre 2019 à Luxembourg. La fin de la Première Guerre mondiale marque une transition dans les relations politiques, économiques, sociales...
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Medieval Church and State, and the nun who faked her own death

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(AGENPARL) – Kew, London (United Kingdom), mer 20 febbraio 2019 In the high summer of 1318, a nun of the priory of St Clement near York – Joan of Leeds – staged a daring escape from her convent. She left behind a life of poverty, self-denial, chastity and obedience to the...
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Countdown to Calving at Brunt Ice Shelf

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(AGENPARL) – Washington (DC), mar 19 febbraio 2019 Cracks growing across Antarctica’s Brunt Ice Shelf are poised to release an iceberg with an area about twice size of New York City. It is not yet clear how the remaining ice shelf will respond following the break, posing an uncertain future...
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Documentos escrito a tinta ferrogálica em péssimo estado. Iniciado com: Dito por Edificio da Alfandega…

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(AGENPARL) – Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) mar 19 febbraio 2019 Imagens:  Imagem de capa:  Fonte/Source:

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